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After seven years of design and countless years of research and application, the Yoke Training System is here. 

A flexible training system that can progress up to advanced level programs, the revolutionary Yoke Training System is designed to enhance performance by instantly engaging the core and integrating stability, rotation and total muscle recruitment exercises and training techniques.

Whether you are a professional athlete, an elite sports organization or if you are just starting out and looking for the perfect home fitness system, the Yoke Training System works.

History & Methodology

Leading the Yoke Training System revolution is founder Dan Locsin, an accredited trainer, who for over the past fifteen years has been responsible for training All American Wrestlers, Olympians, and College and Professional Football Players. With degrees in kinesiology and exercise science, Dan has dedicated his life to fitness with one simple goal in mind: performance results.
In order to accomplish this goal, he believes that you have to create a system that can truly tax the body by incorporating a variety of different training techniques not by isolation but rather integration. The main principle of the Yoke Training System is based on the ability to reach maximum muscle recruitment by this concept of integration, the Integration of Isometrics and Instability, I-3™.
In addition, the Yoke Training System's Yokebar is the one and only Athletic Overhead Trainer to utilize our Freeform Orbital Rotation Method (FORM). This allows you to train on all planes through real natural athletic movements. Because the YTS is not fixed to one or two movements, your body reacts and responds to stabilize the dynamic changes created by the system which instantly allows increased muscle recruitment.
Other benefits of the Yokebar through increased muscle recruitment and activity include

  • Gaining greater range of motion
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased control and coordination
  • Adding more explosive power to your training

And because you are constantly engaging the core and other stabilizers with any of the exercises, you can further REDUCE YOUR CHANCE OF COMMON INJURY.